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CV Tips

CV Tips

Tips on how to get noticed by your CV…

1. Spend quality time checking that your cv clearly shows in the job duties that you have 1, experience of the job itself and 2, the essential requirements of the vacancy in terms of experience, personal attributes and education

4. Have you a clear profile at the top of your cv which states firstly what you are in terms of role, what your key technical skills and soft skills are? Soft skills are becoming as important as technical skills more these days in a sift of CVs

4. Most important have you your contact number and email address on?

6. Before you press the send button, think about a very short introduction email rather than just attaching it i.e. “Please find attached my CV in consideration for the role of ……. I am grateful for your time in reading my CV and would welcome any feedback you are able to provide. Thank you.

Have a nice day. Best wishes, Something a little personal will likely give the reader more of a push to apply to you?

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