How do I fit in an interview?

How do I fit in an interview? Try a telephone interview first? You don’t normally do this? Well why not? It will work!!!

How many times do you see yourself in this dilemma?

Times have changed for sure. There appears to be some arrogance from Employers that candidates should make/find time to go to interviews… What if the candidate has a demanding job and cannot take time out of their hectic working day?


Recruiting Managers will only interview during their own working hours


Candidates have no leave so they cannot make the interview

Naturally the candidate will not pull a sickie and why should they? and why should a future employer expect they should use their precious leave when they only have a couple of days left which they are saving for Xmas to be with their family…

My suggestion this week has been…offer a 10-15 minute telephone interview over lunch. See if you feel a common ground of interest and suitability by talking to each other on the phone and then progress to a suitable time for both.

This has worked twice this week and the jobs are now successfully filled and both employers and future employees are delighted…

See anything is possible if you flex a bit and go out of your way? hashtag#telephoneinterviewhashtag#flexiblehashtag#recruitment

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